Photo on 9-30-15 at 8.47 AM Today i critiqued someones art because they were absent. My artwork was also critiqued and i learned from multiple comments that adding color would be a good idea and i am pleased that my future plans for my goal were obvious and understandable. I like the fact that my artwork does not bore people and i plan on creating a more realistic look by creating 3rd dimensions.


Photo on 9-29-15 at 8.46 AM Today i continued working on my goal. It is taking forever to finish the drawing and i have learned that sometime less is more. Im just ready to start pointillism so i plan on finishing the drawing during the next couple of days. I am excited to start pointillism and adding value to my drawing because i think it is going to lo0k really good.


Photo on 9-28-15 at 8.45 AM Today i continued on my goal by drawing more pieces in the background and adding more detail to each piece. I am slowly getting closer to finishing the pencil drawing so i can add pointillism for value. Before i move forward i need to finish the pencil drawing. I am getting better at drawing the pieces faster.

As Easy As Clockwork

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 8.33.08 AM

Over the last four weeks I have been working on the same piece of artwork. I have learned a plethora of things including the importance of the placement of objects and patience when creating artwork that takes tedious efforts. I have strategically placed each clockwork piece in order to accomplish a background that suits the theme of the artwork. I have done well on the details of each mechanical piece so far by creating a realistic look to each piece. I have been complimented about the creativity of the drawing and I am pleased with the way everything is fitting together.

I wonder what the drawing will look like when I finish it in pencil because after finishing the drawing I am going to use pointillism for value. I’m curious about what the drawing will look like after adding value since there are so many pieces and details throughout the drawing. I’m interested in the black and white look of pointillism but I wonder what it would look if I used other colors. If I used other colors and black and white I wonder if it would create a more realistic look to the drawing. I am also curious that if I redid this on a larger scale, if it would be easier to draw.

When looking at my artwork I notice the complexity of the mechanical pieces. I also notice the layout of all of the pieces and the details of the hands of the clock. The uniformity of all of the pieces in the background is also distinct. I know that it is not finished yet but it is obvious that the drawing is some sort of clock or clockwork. At first glance I notice the edges where the drawing is not finished and I don’t know exactly what I am going to do those parts yet.

I plan on finishing the detail for each mechanical piece within the next week. I am going to use pointillism for the value and expand on the clock its self. I think I am going to turn the drawing into the design of the eye. I might also end the drawing as a clock with and intricate design. I intend to use the amount of mechanical pieces and pointillism to provide value within the drawing.


Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.51.18 AMToday I worked on my personal critique essay. I wrote about the PATS process and my own critique of my artwork using it. I inserted three pictures of the stages my work has gone through so far and wrote about how it has developed.


Photo on 9-21-15 at 8.47 AM  Today I finished drawing a section of the mechanical pieces. I learned that when paying a lot of attention to detail it takes a while to finish things. I think that my art work look good so far and it is turning out how i want. I am going to continue finishing the details and then start stippling.


Photo on 9-18-15 at 8.46 AM Today I made the mechanical pieces more realistic. I learned that this goal is going to take a lot of detail from the amount of time I have already spent working on it. I like my work so far because it is turning out to be more realistic than what I have done in the past.