Career Project

Photo on 5-18-16 at 8.17 AM My career project was to create a character that could be used in a stop motion movie. I have come to realize how difficult this job is. In order to create a realistic character the artist has to be meticulous in order to get it right. Normally for a character, there are a multitude of interchangeable parts and features that are what creates the characters expression in a movie; i only created one feature and it was more difficult that i thought it would be. In the beginning i knew it was going to be as time consuming as it was but i did not expect the difficulty that came with creating the characters clothes and face.


Photo on 5-13-16 at 8.48 AM Today i added a green shirt to the character. However, i took it off because i found better material that will fit his identity. So, i will have to remake his shirt and start on his cape like thing. I will have to make the head over the weekend so it will have time to dry. Hopefully i can get it all done in time.


Photo on 5-12-16 at 8.49 AMToday i made the pants for the stop motion character. Tomorrow i will make the shirt and eventually the cape and crown. I still have to make the face and hands but i want to do that last. Hopefully i can work on it this weekend and get it done by monday. I think that it will look good when it is done.


Photo on 5-11-16 at 8.40 AM Today i started making clothes for my character. I think i have decided on making it a king because of the colors of felt that were available. He is going to wear black, green, and purple because that was the majority of the colors that i had to choose from. I think that the character will end up being an animal like a dog or something. I’d rather make an animal head than a human one and i think that it will look cooler and provide a better story line for a stop motion movie.


Photo on 5-10-16 at 8.45 AM Today i finished adding shape to the character around its stomach and legs. I also added a piece of wire around the shoulders so i could connect the head later. I made some feet for the character too. The clay hasn’t dried yet so it keeps sticking to the table making it difficult to work with without messing it up. Hopefully tomorrow the feet will be dry and i can start working on the head; if not, i will probably start making the clothes for the character.


Photo on 5-9-16 at 8.52 AM Today i added felt to the structure of the character. I plan on adding more to give the body more shape. Tomorrow i will finish shaping the body and probably start making the clothes. I still need to make the head, feet, and hands but i will clay instead of the cloth. Hopefully i can finish it before the week is over.


Photo on 5-5-16 at 8.50 AM Today i looked up inspiration for my stop motion character. I sketched on out and then started building its structure. I cut pieces of wire and used a drill to tighten the wire so it would be more stable. Then i folded the wires to form the structure of the body. Tomorrow i will finish building the structure and start making it look like the character.



Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.46.59 AM Today i researched how i was going to build my stop motion character. There are a numerous amount of ways to go about it but because of the time frame i think i am just going to have to build from scratch. Therefor, i will have to build my own armature out of wire and figure out how to make it as light weight as possible. Im not exactly sure what my character will be. I have thought about creating an animal but i am not for sure yet.



What career did you choose?- Stop motion artist

What are they expected to do?- They create the artworks and characters that are needed for animations

What does their day-to-day look like?- They build and modify the characters so they are suited for the film.

How much money do they make?- about $88,000 annually

What is a company that hires people for this job?- DNA Productions.